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Blog stats january 2010

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Those are the stats of the Behavioural Science Blog for the last few week, with the normal dip around Christmas holidays.

In this chart, showing the blog from the beginning to now, you can see that it has been around 800 views monthly for a while now. Well I guess that this is going to change, considered that there are some really good articles coming up.

I also find it interesting to look at the search terms, that people entered into Google (or other search engines) to arrive at this site. Every combination of “behavioural science” is doing pretty well, but also “heterotypic continuity” – a very specific search term. Actually the most search terms only appeared once, but it would have been a too-long list to publish them here.

2009-10-18 to 2010-01-16

Search Views
behavioural science 309
heterotypic continuity 28
behavioral science 22
behaviour science 22
what is behavioural science 19
behavioural sciences 18
implementation intention 12
self-regulatory skills 10
martin metzmacher 10
perceptual processes 8
embodied embedded cognition 8
internet psychotherapy 7
tom wootton 7
unconscious perception 7
deliberative processing 6
what is behavioural sciences 6
free will and consciousness 6
consciousness and free will 6
dan ariely asks, are we in control of ou 6
biases about mental health 6
self presentation 5
developmental psychopathology 5
cunningham mouse delay consciousness 4
heterotypic comorbidity 4
virtual psychotherapy 4
stereotypes of aging 4
self perception 4
how does psychopathology develop 4
internet based psychotherapy 4
value of understanding behavioural scien 4
self-regulation skills 4
heine sedikides debate 4
virtual reality psychotherapy 4
behavioural scientist 4
mouse delay cunningham 2001 3
whorfian hypothesis 3
dan ariely decisions 3
executive ego function 3
behavioral science blogs 3
behavioral sciences 3
the science of psychopathology 3
science blog 3
heterotypic continuity in developmental 3
mediates positive self-regard 3
implementation intentions 3
obesity stereotypes 2
richard thaler 2
interaction among organisms in behaviour 2
processing in behaviour science 2
behavioral blog 2

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January 16, 2010 at 8:34 am

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