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Behavioural Science Top 5

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Let’s assume for a while that Google shows you what is important. So Google’s Behavioural Science Top 5 could be translated as “The 5 most important websites about Behavioural Science”.

Well let’s take a look at them:

So there are about 10 million hits for that keyword and this page is ranking #3, just behind Wikipedia (no chance to beat them) and the FBI (probably better not to provoke them). This is actually pretty incredible. Thank you Google!

We will do our best to deliver high quality content.

PS: If you wonder: This picture was taken using a proxy – so no faking with the results, but they might look different on your computer, because Google does track you *creepy…I know*.

Written by Martin Metzmacher

January 20, 2010 at 4:02 pm

Behavioural Science Blog development

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Dear reader,

I started this blog about two years ago, on September 27th, 2009  with the article Why Evolutionary Psychology is a Valid Approach for Studying Human Behaviour. Since then the blog has grown to 45 postings, which are mostly text-based (and relatively long). The stats show 14,241 hits in total, and if I look at the stats there seem to be about 40 visitors per day now (however there are quite huge fluctuations). Ever since I have reached (within a few month) Page Rank 4  I have been hanging around at 2nd position in Google for the search term “Behavioural Science”. To my big surprise I managed to beat the Journal of Behavioural Science, Master of Behavioural Science, you name it – I outrank it. Only Wikipedia will be 1rst winner forever (I guess).

A few month ago the requests for guest posts started rolling in. I now get one or two offers a week and they have mostly been disappointing. It has been a lot of fun observing what people would like me to post in order to get a link back to “their” site (which is mostly full of boring affiliate links). The one I liked the most was starting with “Behavioural Psychoanalysis is the Science of…” – I did not read on. My girlfriend had to sooth my pain after I fell of the chair laughing. Marvellous!

However there have also been very interesting discussions with people I admire. Tom, Andrew, Henrik,the people from the Linked-in group, facebook, twitter (just to name a few) – thank you for your input and your motivation. It has been a joy to publish your ideas.

I am still looking for good ideas and interesting networks. If you come across one, please post a link or write me an email. My plan for the future is to recruit more Behavioural-Science-Geeks like me. It would be awesome if we could have a broader perspective on this blog. Just to inspire you: My text were not all thought through very well – it does not have to be 100% prefect. I know that scientists have some obsessive-compulsive thing going on that they only want the world to see articles that are ready to be published. Forget it – the new times ask for new behaviour. You need to open-source and share your ideas if you want ot be successful in Science 2.0.

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that has contributed to the success of the blog, by reading, commenting, writing or just by suggesting a topic. If you like what you read –  get involved – leave a comment – introduce yourself!

Kind regards

Martin Metzmacher

Written by Martin Metzmacher

September 17, 2009 at 3:08 pm