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I believe that scientific blogging will change the way we, as scientists, communicate – with each other and to the public. Ever since the invention of Hypertext and the Internet, free access to information has  increased rapidly, but only recently have content management systems become so user-friendly that virtually everyone can have his own website.

I predict that within a few years the peer-review system in place today will collapse and be replaced by a different system of ranking and reviewing scientific publications, probably a combination of the page-rank system and web2.0 commenting systems.

I hope that the public will wake up and demand that research financed by tax money will be available to everyone without any charge and not subject to limiting contracts with commercial publishers.

I call upon the fellow scientists to start blogging about their exciting research. The 21st century does not need more ivory towers, but open source information for the benefit of everyone.

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Written by Martin Metzmacher

September 22, 2008 at 9:36 pm

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